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This website is devoted to those 'Me to You Bears' which so many people love and cherish. From Tatty Teddy to a whole diverse range of bears and other characters which have been brought in to the collection. The site is designed to show people which me to you bears that are available to purchase at present and click thru's to the relevant websites where they are available to purchase namely amazon and play. The website is designed to be a resource for all 'Me to You' fans to be able to hopefully find both popular and rare bears online.

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Me to You Bears-Valentine Fiancee 9in


Me to You Bears-Valentine-I Love You-Waterglobe


Me to You Bears-Valentine-Love Messages(8 Cards)


Me to You Bears-Valentine Love You T-Shirt 9in


Me to You Bears-Valentine-Mug and Bear(I Love You)


Me to You Bears-Valentine-Mug(Love)


Me to You Bears-Valentine-Phone Charm


Me to You Bears-Valentine-Special Boyfriend 6in


Me to You Bears-Valentine-To the One I Love Book 4in


Me to You Bears-Valentine-Two Part Keyring


Me to You Bears-Valentine With Love Figurine 3in


Me to You Bears-Valentine-With Love Photo Frame 6x4in


Me to You Bears-Valentines Day Double Bear Figurine


Me to You Bears-Valentines Holding Red Rose 6in


Me to You Bears-Valentines I Love You 6in


Me to You Bears-Valentines I Love You This Much 6in


Me to You Bears-Valentines-In Heart(I Love You This Much)3in


Me to You Bears-Valentines-Special Girlfriend 12in


Me to You Bears-Verse Cushion


Me to You Bears-Verse Heart Bear 20in